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AAGMC's Litchfield Airfield

AAGMC's Airfield

"The Field"


Who Are The Fliers?

The great thing about model aviation is that there's something in it for everyone.  Whether your young or old, laid back or intensely competitive, you'll find it all fun at AAGMC's airfield.  Model aviation attracts a wide set of interests and skill levels.  Fittingly, there is a wide variety of aircraft to appease those interests and skills (or lack of).  AAGMC is comprised of well seasoned "pilots" honing their 3D skills as well as budding novices nervously readying themselves for their first "solo".  The common bond is that of the fascination of flight.  The goal is to simply take the stick of a 'craft that sparks your imagination,  break the bounds of earth and romp with the clouds...  And above all, have some GOOD CLEAN FUN!


Man has long had a fascination with flight, but it was only a seemingly unattainable dream.  History portrays man's early notion of flight within ancient writings and art.  The first man to actually leave the bounds of earth in free flight (not tethered) was Pilātre De Rozier.  He did so in a hot air balloon built by the Montigolfier brothers of France on November 21st, 1783.  In the late 1800's, there were those that met with some success with "hang gliders".  But it wasn't until 1903 that the Wright Brothers took the notion of flight, combined it with the technology of their time and made controllable powered flight a reality.  With World War I in sight, It didn't take long for aviation to catch on.  Nor, did it take to long after that before model aviation in its own right was born.


AAGMC was founded March 30th, 1938 during the "Golden Age of Aviation".  Since that point in time modelers and flyers have continued to meet regularly to compare notes, skills and enjoy the fascinating notion of flight together at their Litchfield flying site.  Flying off of a 75'X 700' grass runway; grandfathers, fathers, sons and brothers all share the common interest of flight and participate in anything from "sport" to "3D" flying.  There are times to gather for just the fun of it; mixing a day of flying with family and food.


AAGMC has some wonderful "veterans" who take their time to insure a new "pilot" is properly trained for a successful "solo flight".  AAGMC members participate in intra-club as well as inter-club contest events.  AAGMC takes an active interest in the very young future pilots.  There's always something going on to either do or just plain sit back and enjoy.


If you would like to learn more about AAGMC or becoming a member of AAGMC, please contact us by inquiry.



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