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Largo Rd NW
Malvern, OH  44253


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Note:  No motor vehicles allowed at slopes.  You must take a long up hill hike.



Locate AAGMC's Malvern Soaring Site


Locate The AAGMC Flying Field - Litchfield, Ohio


Driving Instructions:  From the Cleveland area you can take 77 south to 30 east to 43 south to the 43 and 183 intersection.  There is a McDonalds on the Southeast corner.  Take 43 & 183 south and east to Largo Road NW.  Turn left past the houses and the farm.  You can park off the road and you'll find the slopes are to your right.  No motor vehicles are allowed at the slope.  The slope we fly on is located within a working farm, so upon entering the premises please take care to NOT LET THE COWS OUT (CLOSE THE GATE BEHIND YOURSELF).



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