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Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA)
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Our friends at Parma Hobby - Parma, OH
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Unique delta wing designs from Haslam Hobbies - Providence, KY
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MH Airfoils
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See How It Flies
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Go Visit! Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) - The AMA is the official national body for model aviation in the United States.
Go Visit! AMA District III - Covers Ohio, Pennsylvania & West Virginia.
Go Visit! International Miniature Aircraft Association (IMAA) - The IMAA is a standalone association & the AMA's largest special interest group.  It's purpose is to  foster & advance the operation of large scale radio controlled model aircraft in a setting where informality & safety of operations prevail.
Go Visit! Model Engine Collectors Association (MECA) - Promotes the interests of model engine collecting as a recreational, educational & historical recording activity.



Go Visit! Cincinnati Soaring Society - R/C sailplane club located in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area.
Go Visit! Cleveland R/C Club - R/C club located in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area.  Large membership with a large variety of R/C interests including electric aircraft.  Flying Field and club meetings located in Garfield Heights, Ohio.  Check website for further details on club.
Go Visit! North Coast Control Liners - C/L club located in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area.  Members have varied interests including sport, stunt pattern, slow combat, fast combat and carrier events.  Check website for club meeting locations, club events and schedules.
Go Visit! Skylarks of Sharon - Multi-discipline club located in the Sharon, Pennsylvania area.  Large membership with a large variety of aeronautic interests including R/C, control line, free flight  and electric aircraft.  Check website for further details on club.



Go Visit! All Electronics, Inc. - Has thousands of electronic & electro-mechanical parts & supplies at discount prices.
Go Visit! Allied Electronics - Features over 18,000 products form world class suppliers & a large manufacturer's part number index.
Go Visit! AVEOX - High performance brushless DC permanent magnet brushless motor servo solutions.  Electric flight systems have won world championships & set international records.
Go Visit! Batteries America - Supplier of batteries including low-resistance Nickel Hydride (NiMh) cells, Platinum Polymer cells, Lithium Polymer cells, Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) cells, Tx/Rx/Motor packs, Chargers/Dischargers, Connectors, Parts, & Accessories.
Go Visit! Dymond - Source for electric flying.  Over 270 different airplanes stocked.  Product line includes electric airplanes, gas airplanes, gliders, helicopters, batteries, chargers, speed controls, motors, propellers, radios, electronics accessories & tools.
Go Visit! Electronic Surplus, Inc. - Supplier with large inventory of surplus electric components. 
Go Visit! FMA Direct - Supplier of electric aircraft components, transmitters, servos, receivers chargers, flight packs, wiring & flight stabilization.
Go Visit! NTE Electronics, Inc. - Worldwide supplier of electronic components.  Features online cross-reference guide.



Go Visit! Fox Manufacturing Company - US made R/C & C/L gas engines, custom engines, parts & accessories.
Go Visit! J&A Engineering - Manufacturer of smooth & quite giant scale engines & mufflers.  Home of the "Peace Keeper".
Go Visit! Model Engine Company of America (MECOA) - America's leading supplier & manufacturer of precision model engines.  K&B, GMS, HP, FUJI, HB, RJL, RJL Vintage & Kavan engines, parts & repair.
Go Visit! Model Engine Displays - VP Enterprises, Inc.; your resource for handcrafted protective display cases for your vintage, antique or favorite model engines.
Go Visit! Norvel Engines - Manufacturer of premium sport & competition small model gas engines.  .049 through .40 sizes available.
Go Visit! O.S. Engines - Manufacturer and innovator in every phase of R/C engine production.  Find engine information, manuals, engine dimension charts, reviews, parts lists, where to buy, as well as service & repair information.
Go Visit! Saito Engines - Top of the line 4-stroke engines.  Single, twin & radial cylinder.  Horizon Hobbies online store.
Go Visit! Super Tigre - Manufacturer of sport & competition R/C & C/L gas engines.  Find parts listings, manuals, engine dimensions charts, where to buy & repair services.
Go Visit! Thunder Tigre - Manufacturer of sport & competition R/C gas engines.  Find manuals & repair services information.


Forums, Classifieds & Auctions

Go Visit! AAGMC Swap Shop - Free classified listing service.  Buy, sell or swap R/C related items.
Go Visit! RC Universe - Large R/C related discussion forums, product ratings, online auctions & classified listing service.


Hobby Supplies

Go Visit! Ace Hobby Distributors, Inc. - Distributor  of airplanes, helicopters, engines, electronics & accessories.  Primary distributor of Thunder Tiger products.  Buyer's Guide available.
Go Visit! Balsa Products - Supplier of airplane & helicopter kits & ARF's.  Also available are helicopter parts, radios, servos, speed controllers, electric motors, electric motor parts, propellers, batteries, chargers, wheels, retracts, propellers, adhesives, covering materials & tools.
Go Visit! Central Hobbies - The worlds largest supplier of pattern R/C products.  Product line includes pattern kits, accessories, building materials, control linkage, electrical, engines, fuel, glow plugs, landing gear, propellers, radios, servos, spinners & tools.
Go Visit! Great Hobbies - Large online & retail stores.  Complete hobby lineup that boasts just about every type of model type including R/C, control line and rubber powered free flight.  Specialist in R/C model aircraft & helicopters.
Go Visit! Hobby Lobby - Radios, R/C airplanes, micro electric helicopters, gliders, electric R/C sailplanes, scale, sport, ducted fan jets, flying wings, slow-flyers, park-flyers, trainers & modeling accessories.
Go Visit! Hobby People - Planes & Gliders.  Radios, electrics, model accessories & tools.  AP, Magnum & OS Max engines & parts.  (Was Hobby Shack.)
Go Visit! Major Hobby - Supplier of radios, gas engines, electrics, hardware, tools & accessories.  Features power aircraft kits, sailplane kits, electric kits & accessories.  Products line includes products from Great Planes, Horizon, AirBorne, SkyShark, Hitec, JR, Futaba, Sig, Kangke, Du-Bro, Hangar 9, TopFlite, O.S., Saito, MDS, Moki, & more.
Go Visit! Morris Hobbies - Complete online hobby store.  Find accessories, airplanes batteries, carburetors, electronics, engines, glow plugs, mufflers, headers, exhaust, props, spinners,  pull-pull systems, radio systems & speed controllers.
Go Visit! Parma Hobby - Complete hobby store with R/C & CL, FF, RTF, ARF, & kit airplanes.  Radios, gas engines, electrics, hardware, tools & accessories.
Go Visit! Tower Hobby - Online superstore with R/C & CL, FF, RTF, ARF, kit airplanes.  Radios, gas engines, electrics, hardware, tools & tools.



Go Visit! MH Airfoils - Find a wealth of information on this German website maintained by Dr. Martin Hepperle.  Various topics include airfoils, aerodynamics, propellers, pylon racing, sailplanes, flying wings as well as extensive information on COX engines.
Go Visit! See How It Flies - A new spin on the perceptions, procedures, & principles of flight.



Go Visit! Fly RC - The source for indoor, park & flying field fun.
Go Visit! Model Aviation - The official AMA Magazine.  A monthly publication that covers all aspects of the hobby & sport of model aviation.   Archives available to AMA members.
Go Visit! Model Airplane News - The world's leading authority on radio control aviation & modeling.
Go Visit! R/C Modeler Magazine (RCM) - The world's leading publication for the radio control enthusiast.  Online articles.
Go Visit! The E Zone Magazine - The virtual home of electric flight.  Online articles.



Go Visit! Air Hogs - Air Hog planes by Spinmaster.  Information of small Air Hog R/C, electric & air powered free flight planes & where to buy.  Website has online games.
Go Visit! ATS Radio Control Airplanes - Source for Super Kraft airplanes, Tiger Shark engines & parts, Tiger Shark & Spin Right spinners, electric RTF planes & accessories.
Go Visit! Balsa USA - Manufacturer of R/C model airplane kits.  Find kits, plans, woods, scale model pilots, supplies & accessories.  Also offered are custom made dies (from laser generated die board) & razor blade cutting surface.
Go Visit! Carl Goldberg Products - Manufacturer of & a leading producer of model R/C airplanes renowned for their ease of construction and outstanding flight characteristics.  Kits, ARF's & modeling accessories for the beginner to advanced pilot.
Go Visit! Chief Aircraft - Online sales of  name manufacturers' gas & electric powered airplanes & helicopters including their own brand line of gas powered airplanes.  Available from name R/C systems manufacturers are radios, receivers, servos, crystals & frequency modules, digital servo programmers, flight packs, batteries, gyros.  Available gas engine brands include Saito, O.S. Moki, Y.S. , Webra, MDS, Zenoah, 3W Engines, BME Engines, Desert Aircraft, First Place Engines, RC Showcase & ZDZ.  Also available are adhesives, chargers, covering supplies, flight-line/field equipment, flight simulators, pilots, propellers, spinners, tools, building supplies & other accessories.
Go Visit! Experimental Aircraft Models (EAM) - Manufacturer of scale R/C ARFs of popular full scale experimental (homebuilt) aircraft.  An R/C simulator is also available with available EAM models built in.
Go Visit! Great Planes Model Manufacturing - Manufacturer of R/C gas & park flyer airplane kits, ARF's & accessories.  Skill level & engine guides available.  Store locator available.
Go Visit! Haslam Hobbies - "Home of the "Wiz".  Fast building, high-speed, light-weight stunting delta wings and other "unique" aircraft.  Direct public sales and reasonable prices.
Go Visit! Lanier RC - Master manufacturer of over 70 different R/C airplanes.  Leaders in model airplane technology.  High quality kits & ARF's.
Go Visit! Precision Cut Kits - Provider of quality hand-cut & laser cut radio-controlled model aircraft kits from any designers' plans.  Kits include all of the wood that you need to build the complete airframe.  Giant Scale.  Stock kits vary.
Go Visit! Richmond RC Supply Ltd. - Worldwide supplier of R/C aircraft, engines, equipment, adhesives & accessories.  VMAR planes, GMS & VMAX engines.
Go Visit! Sig Manufacturing Co., Inc - Long time kit manufacturer, Rossi importer &  general wholesaler.  Aircraft, accessories, coverings, finishings, hardware, building materials, engines, electrics, adhesives & fuel.  Gas engine line includes Rossi, Irvine, Norvel, & First Place Engines.
Go Visit! Sky Bench Aerotech - Production and retail sales of great flying laser cut R/C sailplanes, free flight & electric powered kits.  Website contains sales, information & photos.



Go Visit! Nick Ziroli Plans - Service has full line of scale plans, components & accessories.  Ziroli designs have gained a reputation for being among the most "flyable" giant-scale models available.  Plans include full-size templates for all the required parts.



Go Visit! Airtronics - Quality radio control products & accessories.  Find manuals & service information.
Go Visit! Futaba - Comprehensive radio control systems & accessories product selection.  Find manuals, parts, service & warranty information.
Go Visit! Hitec RCD USA, Inc. - Radio control products & accessories.  Product support includes service & repair & warranty information.
Go Visit! JR Radios - World championship precision radio control systems.  Horizon Hobbies online store.



Go Visit! Dreese Code Software - Makers of DesignFOIL: The world's easiest airfoil/fairing creation tool.  Free demo downloads.
Go Visit! RC CAD - Software specially designed to help modelers to create airplanes.  It supplies a real-time 3D visualization of the model being designed.  Free demo download available.



Go Visit! APC Props - Competition proven quality props.  Over 300 propeller sizes available.  Composite materials include long chopped nylon fibers, carbon fibers & hand-laid fibers.  2, 3 & 4 blade props available.
Go Visit! Bob Smith Industries, Inc. (BSI) - Adhesives manufacturer.  Find hobby adhesives including cyanoacrylates, odorless cyanoacrylates, accelerators, epoxies & extender tips, tubing, tops, caps & applicators.  Also find info on how to use cyanoacrylates, a convenient adhesive selection chart & dealer locator.
Go Visit! Cal-Grafx - Supplier of custom graphics for airplanes, cars, boats & trains.  Whether your looking for decals for your scale war bird or your AMA numbers for your sports flyer, Cal-Grafx allows your to specify the design and exact size needed for your project.  Decals can be ordered individually or by the sheet.
Go Visit! MACS Products - Quality exhaust systems for the discerning modeler.  High performance single piece mufflers, tuned pipes, pre-tuned systems, velocity stacks, short-tuned systems, pressure systems, 4-cycle systems, & smoke systems.
Go Visit! Micro Fasteners - Supplier of various fasteners including machine screws, socket screws, nuts & washers.  Nylon screws nuts & washers.  Assortments available.  Tools include ball end hex drivers.
Go Visit! RTL Fasteners - Full service distributor serving individual hobbyists, hobby shops & model manufacturers with  various fasteners including machine screws, socket screws, nuts & washers.  Nylon screws nuts & washers.  Assortments available.
Go Visit! Trexler - Manufacturer of inflatable pneumatic balloon wheels for model airplanes.  1 3/8" to 6" sizes.



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